Thursday, September 1, 2011

Smith Summer in San Luis Obispo (Recap #4)

Wow! We are about to enter our final week of internship on California's Central Coast. The time has flown by and we will be said to have to say good bye to some of our new friends. The people have been wonderful and the experience has been educational as we continue to prepare for ministry.

Some highlights from the past two weeks:

* We traveled to Atlanta, GA for Reformed University Fellowship's Assessment. It was like a three day job interview with RUF Area Coordinators and other former RUF campus ministers. Dan preached a modified version of the sermon he did three Sundays ago at Trinity. We both participated in two case studies- or scenarios to see how well we interact with others and with problem solving. We also spent a good amount of time with our two assessors, David and Ruth Green. At the end, they told us that we passed without any reservations. They will try to place us on a campus for Fall 2012, but cannot guarantee a job for us right now. They have to see what opens up. We're grateful for our time there and grew in our appreciation of each other as ministry partners through the process.

*After RUF Dan flew back to CA and Brittany flew to St. Louis for a busy weekend with her mom (who flew from Dallas to meet her). They rearranged the apartment for life with baby Jonah, shopped for strollers and car seats and other baby things, and went to a doctor's check-up. Dan was glad to have her back this past Tuesday. Brittany was glad to get a little nesting done and time with her mom.

*Last Friday, the folks at Trinity gathered at Grover Beach for a church-wide bonfire/potluck. Dan enjoyed having more conversations with Trinity folks. He's going to miss these evenings on the beach!

*The women of Trinity Pres threw Brittany a baby shower this past Thursday. We both have felt so loved by these people, and Brittany enjoyed celebrating the coming arrival of Jonah with these wonderful women.

* Conversations over coffee, breakfast, and lunch- Dan and Brittany have both met with different folks from the church over the last week and a half and discussion life, faith, marriage, babies, vocation, and the church. We love relational ministry.

*Other things: Kayaking on Morrow Bay, beer brewing and bottling, Theology Pub, hospital and home visits, session meetings, worship planning....

Please Pray:

- in praise for a good trip and time in Atlanta at RUF Assessment- as well as thanksgiving safe travel.

- for Dan as he prepares and preaches God's word our last Sunday here.

- for us as we begin the long drive back on Aug 1. Please also pray that we have a refreshing 3rd year Wedding Anniversary at a nice hotel (at a great price) Brittany found in Scottsdale, AZ.

- that we would end our time well here with good processing and debriefing so we can reflect upon what we learned.

And now for the visual learners:

Dan always has to stir the pot

Smelling the beer ingredients... mmm

Men's kayaking event

Dan and Andrew Medlock kayaked together

Trinity Presbyterian congregation making their way in for Sunday worship

Chilling on the beach after kayaking

Dan talking to some folks before church

No trip to the california coast is complete without some winery visits!

Originally composed July 25, 2011

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