Friday, September 16, 2011

Give them Grace - Review, Study & Resources

This summer I was able to help lead a quick book study with some moms on this book, Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus. The book has lots of good things in it. There are some things I don't agree with, things I would challenge, but I'd definitely affirm:

  • The authors expose the formula many of us operate on in raising children: Good parenting in, good children out.
  • The authors correct this false formula: "Parenting with grace must not be employed as another formula to try and control God and your children." - page 52.
  • On page 54, "One way to judge is to consider your reaction when your children fail."
  • And page 59, "There are no promises in the Bible that even our best parenting will produce good children. None."
  • "God may use your parenting as a means to draw your children to himself. But he may use other means and at a different time. Or he may use your child's rebellion and disinterest as a way to accomplish his unexpected will." - page 61.
The book has discussion questions for each chapter, some are good, some need work.

As part of our discussion, I also wrote a case study to help us talk about some of the principles, with accompanying questions. You can access it here:

We also read this article from The Gospel Coalition Blog:

Which was somewhat in response to the July/August 2011 cover article from The Atlantic:

How to Land Your Kid in Therapy - Why the obsession with our kids' happiness may be dooming them to unhappy adulthoods. A therapist and mother reports.

And I wrote these discussion questions:

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