Saturday, September 24, 2011

Leard/Tanamachi Shower in Mesquite

This shower was held at my mom's house in Mesquite, TX. It was mostly for my side of the family and friends. Also whale themed!

Dan and I made whale cookies to give as favors! I got the idea to shift the icing color as I went from Beth's cupcakes. Some are light blue, some are dark, some are more grey, some are more blue-green, etc.

Cute whale clothes and some repurposed decorations ;)

My mom's idea to make it look "under the sea"

I get the comfy chair!

VIP's. From left, future grandma "JoJo" Janis, soon to be great-grandma Nana, and future great-aunt Lynda.

Mom really wanted a Mavericks theme - so this is her hold out decoration.

I made these to put together in a book later.

Nana noshing.

Work friends of mom. So glad they could be there!

One of the games - cut up pictures of Dan and me to create what Jonah would look like!

My aunt Lynda embroidered this for us - I love my face but my mom's is even better!

Sweet friend Megan was one of the winners of baby-gift BINGO.

Leard family photo. From left, Uncle Jefferson, Me, Lucy, Dan, Nana, "PawPaw," "JoJo" and Aunt Lynda.

SO HAPPY to see my friend Rachel who lives in Waco!

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schupack said...

these showers look so fun. Love the face collage idea. And of course your expressions in the other picture are priceless. jonah will be here so so soon!

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