Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gracey Shower in Dallas

This shower was given to us by Dan's family. Dan's mom Dotty is one of 6 six sisters, daughters of John and Martha Gracey. All the sisters now have so many kids who are cousins, and many of them still live in the Dallas area, so they have throwing baby and bridal showers down to an art. All the Gracey sisters (Dan's aunts) pitch in, plus my sister's-in-law Sarah and Ellen. It was held at St. Mark Presbyterian Church in Dallas.

Beautiful cake made by cousin Lauren.

Diaper cake made by Ellen. She also hand painted the wooden letters for Jonah's room!

My friend Caroline was able to be there!

About to open gifts, Dan is caught on camera.

Dotty explaining her gift to me:

She gave us a subscription to Growing Child, a monthly newsletter that helps you understand your child — why he does certain things at certain times, what he's learning by doing them, and what you can do to help him develop. Each monthly issue of Growing Child matches the age of your child. Growing Child will keep you informed about what to expect at each stage of your child's development, and how to deal with each month's changes and challenges.

Sweet sister.

From left, me, Dan, Memama (Martha Gracey), Philip, Dotty, and Ellen

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