Thursday, September 1, 2011

Smith Summer in San Luis Obispo (Recap #2)

Hi friends and family!

It's been another fast two weeks of our California Adventure. Here are some highlights:

*Dan preached for the first time at Trinity Church. Check out their website ( Dan's sermon is available for download. He preached on Pentecost Sunday on Acts 2.

*We enjoyed lots of fun and fellowship with Trinity members so far including a Bunco night, a beach bonfire, a beach lunch get-together, the weekly Farmer's Market on Thursday night, a games night of Bohnanza! and much more.

*Lucy went to the beach for the first time, but I don't think she liked it. She had sand everywhere in her eyes and face and wouldn't romp in the water with the other dogs. She is happy to lay in the sun on a nice pillow at home instead.

*Baby Smith now has a name: Jonah Mills Smith. Mom and baby are doing well. Jonah kicks a lot throughout the day. Brittany is having some back and hip pain but overall is doing fine.

*One thing Dan has especially enjoyed is the weekly "Theology Pub" on Monday nights. One of the ruling elders has led group discussion with college students every Monday to discuss the week's sermon or whatever else comes up relating theology and life. Dan has been able to attend three times and even lead once. We both really enjoy getting to know and minister to college students again, even for just this short time. (Students are mostly from Cal-Poly, which is located in SLO)

*We traveled this past weekend to Dallas for a quick trip to attend a family wedding and were also able to see all our Dads to celebrate father's day.

*We have almost raised all our support! Thank you for your prayers to this effect. We now only lack $1000 towards the fee of RUF Assessment in July.

Prayer requests: Prayer for our continued work with the church. Dan will preach 4 more times, as well as working on helping develop small group and children's ministries at the church (Brittany will help too). Also please pray for pain relief for Brittany (she's trying some new daily stretching techniques to help with this also). Prayer for our upcoming trip to Atlanta for RUF assessment and for the rest of the funding we need.

We miss you all and hope you are well - please keep us updated on your lives as well!

Below are some pics from the past 2 weeks as well.

Dan & Brittany

Look at those beets!

No unpasteurized dairy for baby Jonah please

From L to R: Andrew Medlock, Laurabeth Medlock, Anna (adopted college student), Chloe Medlock, Jack Medlock
We got the veggie crepe and soup combo

Farmer's is all about the chow

Chloe helping out the street performer

Man vs. kabob

This is the main city street downtown - look at the awesome trees!

Farmer's market stall

Minimum once a week Brittany gets jamba juice. SLO has the original location!

At Matt & Shannon's wedding in hot Texas - glad to be back in CA in the cool!

Stopped at the Santa Monica Pier on the drive back to SLO from LAX

Looking more pregnant now

The amusement part wasn't open at 9am, but it was good to stretch our
legs after our early 3-hour flight!

Originally composed June 23, 2011

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