Thursday, September 1, 2011

Smith Summer in San Luis Obispo (Recap #1)

On the road to sunny, CA

Lucy says, are we there yet?

Brittany kickin back as we roll into Denver

Utah landscape

Utah sunset

The only picture we took in Vegas - of the motel six sign. We did walk around but we were beat - got in after midnight....

Made it to CALIFORNIA!!! Bird's eye view of SLO (San Luis Obispo)

Dan chillin at Friday night bonfire on Grover beach.

Awesome back patio of the house we are staying at. Lucy is snuggled up to bff Mabel.

Hello Friends! We hope that your summer is going well.

After three days in the car of watching the terrain change, we made it to San Luis Obispo, California on Saturday May 28. It took us a couple of days to recover, but the trip was worth it. We are glad to be out here.

So far, we’ve gotten to spend some good time with the Medlock family and meet plenty of different people who are connected with the church. The first week Brittany attended a craft night for mom’s and kids, we ate dinner with a church family, and played board games with another family. Brittany got to teach the game Bohnanza (Beans) again. We also attended a weekly bonfire that several folks related to the church host on the beach every Friday evening.

Dan has been in conversation with Rev. Jon Medlock about the church’s strategic plan and how that relates to establishing small groups and children’s ministry. He has helped plan the worship service for this past sunday and this coming Sunday, June 12. This will be a big Sunday for him, as it will be the first of four or five sermons that he preaches here this summer. Dan will be preaching on Acts 2 for this coming Pentecost Sunday. He also had the opportunity to meet several college age students through a “Theology Pub” the church hosts at a local coffeehouse.

In the past two weeks, Dan felt the baby kick for the first time (Brittany has felt it for several weeks). Brittany’s belly is definitely growing and we’re amazed at the human life that God is growing inside her.

Please pray for us.

Pray for:
-Brittany and the baby boy’s continued health and development.
-Brittany as she is just now able to mentally prepare and plan for the fall. Pray that she would balance well planning for the future being present where we are
-Us as we fold into the Medlock family- that we might be an encouragement and help to them
Me as I prepare to preach this week and several other weeks
As we prepare for RUF assessment this July
As we continue to raise support for this internship and RUF assessment.

For Brittany’s graduation from Covenant Theological Seminary with her Master of Arts in Educational Ministries
The warm welcome we have received from the Medlock’s and the folks of Trinity Presbyterian
The Lord’s financial provision. We’ve raised about half of what we need for the internship and RUF assessment. Please pray that the other half will come in as well as we have conversations with other folks.

Dan & Brittany

Originally composed June 9, 2011

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