Friday, April 16, 2010

This is why I coupon

I did my first hard-core Shop N Save coupon/sale/10-50 thursday extravaganza today. For those of you outside of St. Louis or who don't know, that means I collected the coupon matchups for the sales at Shop n Save this week, collected my coupons, and shopped on Thursday, when they do a $10 off $50 purchase BEFORE coupons. Here was the result

4 Banquet frozen meals (for school lunches)
5 green giant steamers
2 coffee mate creamers
4 boxes of kashi cereal
2 4-packs Yoplait Yoplus yogurt
3 boxes Quaker granola bars
2 boxes of Quaker Life cereal
Oreo cakesters (free item)
2 20 count Cottonelle double rolls

On my receipt it says:

Total after tax $24.79
Advertised savings $10
Manufacturer Coupons $17.77
Red Tag Savings (Sales) $28.48

YOU SAVED A GRAND TOTAL OF..............$56.25
THAT IS A SAVINGS OF..................................70%

I haven't analyzed too closely this feeling I had coming out of the store. It's like the feeling when you win a game of Agricola against Doug Serven. Triumph. All went according to plan. Only with couponing I saved us $50.


OneoftheServens said...

This is very hypothetical feeling you are talking about - how would you know what that feels like?

OneoftheServens said...

Better: This is what I would image it would feel like to beat Doug Serven in Agricola.

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