Monday, April 19, 2010

Jesus invading the heart

From page 58 of The Cross of Christ by John Stott:

The same evil passion influences our own contemporary attitudes to Jesus. He is still, as C.S. Lewis called him, “a transcendental interferer.” We resent his intrusions into our privacy, his demand for our homage, his expectation of our obedience. Why can’t he mind his own business, we ask petulantly, and leave us alone? To which he instantly replies that we are his business and that he will never leave us alone. So we too perceive him as a threatening rival who disturbs our peace, upsets our status quo, undermines our authority and diminishes our self-respect. We too want to get rid of him.

This passage is incredibly convicting. This is the way I often feel in marriage. I’m often exasperated and wanting my husband to get out of my business, so to speak, in our marriage. But my husband has every right to be in my business. In fact, if he wasn’t concerned about my life, heart, mind, actions, etc. he wouldn’t really be doing well in his role as husband to me. Jesus wants to be in my business because he loves me (way more than my husband). Sometimes it is really hard to understand why Jesus gets into our business, because it can be incredibly painful when things change, even if it’s simply your own mind or heart. But Jesus changes us for good. I’m glad Jesus isn’t defeated by my own resistance, just as he wasn’t defeated by death on the Cross. He continues to pursue believers and he remind us of the victory he has won for us over our sin and death.

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