Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reading List

Books Read in 2010 (so far)

The Hunger Games – a young girl is sent to a fight to the death by her overbearing government but finds a way to bring courage and dignity to a terrifying and grotesque system.

Catching Fire (sequel to above) – rumbles of rebellion against the totalitarian state and hollow culture of the capitol city.

The Other Boleyn Girl – way too long, but dang the Tudors were messed up.

Created in God’s Image – We affirm man’s personhood and his creatureliness. The image of God in man is dynamic, not static (sanctification). Evil’s origin is a riddle.

The Sacred Marriage – Anecdotal, reflective, compelling. Marriage is to make us holier, not happier.

The Jesus Storybook Bible – “Why has no one ever told it like this before?”

God Our Teacher – How to account for the Holy Spirit in our teaching?


Malisa Baker said...

I've been wanting to read The Other Boleyn Girl. I started watching The Tudors, and I'm completely fascinated. Overall, did you like the book?

Anonymous said...

The Big Picture Story Bible is also good (similar to the Jesus Story Bible).

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