Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Joys of REI and a Texas Win

Well, all is right with the world. Texas wins again. Undefeated. Contented Sigh.

Dan and I watched together, it is currently our only family tradition. Actually, Dan got paid to watch the game. He had to babysit the church building for a wedding party that was getting there early, so we brought our TV and set it up in the pastor's office to watch the game together. I brought us leftover poppyseed chicken (thanks K. Spears) and 4 cheese macaroni (thanks Chacha Oliver) to eat and we skyped my mom and brother at half-time. Now Dan has gone in to do sound for the wedding, so I am watching the TTU/Nebraska game.

Yesterday Dan and I went to make a big purchase at REI. We have been saving up giftcards from Christmas and MyPoints to get me a quality sleeping bag so that we can go camping. We finally had enough to get something good, so we pulled two or three off the shelf and I climbed in them a few times each to compare space and thermarests, etc. We picked this one:

Big Agnes Lulu +15 Sleeping Bag - Women's Petite - REI Full Price $149.95

Therm-a-Rest Trail Lite Sleeping Pad - Women's Regular - $59.95

We get to the register. They ring us up. We get %20 off one item with the coupon we brought in from the mail catalog, which is $30 off the sleeping bag. We also used Dan's leftover Dividend from being an REI Coop member, which was $8.17. Then the good stuff starts. We started handing over giftcards to the checkout guy. Every time I handed him a new one, he would exclaim "No Way!" more and more loud and more and more like he should have joined Bill or Ted on an excellent adventure.

Sleeping Bag $149.95
-%20 discount

Thermarest $59.95

Subtotal $179.91
Tax $15.88

Total $195.79

-$8.17 divident
-$50 REI Giftcard
-$25 REI Giftcard
-$25 REI Giftcard
-$25 REI Giftcard
-$25 REI Giftcard

At this point there is about $35 left on our bill, so I decide to go ahead and make it even better and get out my $25 Mastercard Gift Card I won from texting in the code under my coke cap a month ago.

-$25 Coke Rewards Mastercard

Final Charge - $12.62

The checkout guy loved it and we couldn't stop grinning.

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Patty Tanamachi said...

I am so proud of your purchase :) Now you need to plan a weekend to try it out!ales1

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