Friday, October 16, 2009


So readers, how do you like swagbucks?

Today I posted my first ebay listing. Shameless - I am selling the contents of my second sweepstakes win of my life. Check it out:


It was fun to receive all that in the mail, but also it is useless and I am always out to make a buck out of useless stuff. It provided some good content to try out ebay selling too, since I could care less whether or not it sells or if it gets lost in the mail, etc.

Today in between classes, Dan and I went to the mall to eat Chick-fil-a for lunch (and paid full price for the first time in ages, since I left all our coupons in Dallas-ack!). Before we left, I gathered all my freebie coupons for mall-related things and, yes, I definitely came back with a good haul.

2 Free panties from Victoria Secret (one from a coupon in the mail and one from signing up on their website to be a member of the PINK club). 3 free lipglosses from Sephora for my birthday (sign up for email list online). 2 free samples of the new BareMinerals Matte foundation (just ask in store). 1 bottle of some kind of protein water I found a coupon for online from GNC (this will be for Daniel).

Not in the picture is also a bra I purchased for ~$14 after the $10 off coupon at VS also. Not a bad day for freebies!

I must say thanks to MoneySavingMom for the heads up about the protein water coupon.

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Malisa Baker said...

Freebies with VS and Bare Minerals and Sephora? Sign me up! haha I feel like we're bonding all over again over freebies and good deals. :-) I did get a free Bare Minerals lipgloss (in an incredible shade, too!) the other day at Sephora for racking up a few points with their Beauty Insiders card. Yay! Now that I think of it, of course, we were always taking advantage of the free lunch card at Carino's, so I guess our mutual interest in freebies shouldn't come as much of a surprise to me. :-)

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