Monday, October 6, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and ChaCha

The Good

Today I had an interview to work at a church here in STL part-time starting in December. I won’t say exactly which church it is, since the position isn’t officially open yet for some reason. Tomorrow morning I am going to call them and tell them I will take the job (if they’ll have me, which I think they will). This job sounds really awesome. It will be a little bit of tedious stuff like record-keeping, but also some creative things like putting together flyers or calendars and things. It’s also the front desk position for the church office. And they are flexible around whatever class schedule I would have at Covenant (the girl I am replacing is about to be a Covenant graduate). So, I’ll let you know how it goes.

The Bad

Since Saturday, I have been having several symptoms which clearly indicated to me that I probably have a urinary tract infection. Today Dan and I decided to get me to a doctor to get some antibiotics. After my interview at the church, we were directed to a clinic at a hospital which was supposedly an urgent care clinic that took walk-ins. There was a clinic, but it didn’t take walk-ins. We called some doctors offices that took our insurance. They couldn’t see me until December. They told us to go to another hospital that also supposedly had an urgent care clinic. It didn’t have a clinic. Instead we spent 3 hours at the emergency room waiting to see someone. THEN they have the gall to tell me I DON’T EVEN HAVE AN INFECTION. Apparently my urine is just fine, thank you (can I say urine on the internet?). The PA says I am just having bladder spasms. So we go to leave. To top all of this off, we don’t even know if or how our insurance will cover this possibly exorbitantly expensive bout of bladder spasms because we haven’t received my insurance card in the mail yet. So, I’ll let you know how it goes.

some text
I am working (?) as a ChaCha guide. If you don’t know what ChaCha is, you should go to the website here. Using ChaCha is free except normal text messaging rates from your carrier. So you can use it and not only get useful information with your cell phone but also make me money. So far I have made a little over $7. But I haven’t worked very much, and your pay rate doubles once you start answering above a certain threshold amount of queries in a given time span. If you are interested in becoming a ChaCha guide like me, talk to me about it. (If I refer you I can get a bonus.) So, I'll let you know how it goes.


bammers said...

That's awesome about the job.

I really dig Chacha. Please refer me!

Erica said...

Good luck with ChaCha! As a long time guide, i can attest that it's a great way to line the pockets. No commute, no dress code, no cubicle.

thomas said...

Hope you feel better. Just clicked "Our Dog" and got a good laugh.

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