Saturday, October 4, 2008

Discovered: Quality Espresso in St. Louis

I admit it, I have become a snob when it comes to certain beverages- especially beer and coffee. Regarding coffee, I have been ruined. After being trained and having the freedom to pull espresso shots at my leisure on a very quality commercial machine, it takes a lot for me to enjoy espresso from most coffee shops. By no means am I an incredible barista, but if I know that I have pulled better espresso than the baristas at the shop, I won't bother ordering it. I'd rather drink subpar drip brew than par espresso.

Since leaving Norman, Second Wind, and the Lundgaard Coffeehouse, I haven't had a quality cup of espresso. But, now I hope. I have found it at 4251 Laclede Ave in the Central West End of St. Louis. They roast their own beans, they use a very quality espresso machine, and their staff knows coffee. Well done Northwest Coffee Roasting, you just gained another customer.

[For those of you who care, they pull Northern Italian style of espresso that is lighter in color, lighter in body, a little fruity, with some flora notes.]


Jeff said...

Hey! I like the blog. Be sure to stop by mine sometime. Congrats on the marriage, looked like a fun time.


Jeff said...

oh, our blog:

Dan said...

Thanks Jeff. The wedding was fun. I'll check out your blog as well.

schupack said...

fitting first post

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