Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jonah & Brittany Update-Day 6

Just a quick update. Jonah is doing great- though I think his days and nights are opposite from ours.

Brittany is doing a little better. She saw the physical therapist Friday and has 1 month of 2x/week appointments. She can kick her right leg just a little bit, but in no way can put any weigth on it. The PT gave her some exercises to do every day and she's using a prescribed walker. Her biggest frustration, though, is that she can't pick up Jonah and carry him around.

Thank the Lord for these superstars- Patty and Cary Tanamachi and Kim Vander Velde!

-Dan for the Smiths


Andrea Rooks said...

Beautiful photo... I am praying for you, for peace in the midst of frustration, for healing and strength and for joy...

hermanodan said...

Thank you Andrea!

Brittany Smith said...

This photo looks like an advertisement for some kind of post-partum depression helpline.

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