Saturday, November 28, 2009

I must share this

I know some of you are bored by my couponing and deals and freebies. You guys stop reading here.

The rest of you, check it out:

Today after we got home from our trip to Springfield, MO where we spent Thanksgiving with our friends the Servens, Dan picked up the mail and newspapers for our landlords. In it, he saw a few great adds for some deals and suggested we go (we were out of toilet paper too). Of course, I am not going to just walk in to Walgreens without having done some coupon-matching research first. So I checked out a favorite coupon blog of mine, here to check out the Walgreens deal matchup for this week. With her help, along with my collected coupons and the advertisement itself, I made a plan and off we went. We got:

Oceanspray 100% Juice Cranberry Juice x4
Aquafresh Cavity Protection Toothpaste
Infusium 23 Shampoo
Neutrogena Lipgloss x2
Angel Soft Toilet Paper, pack of 9
Walgreens Brand Tylenol, 50 gelcaps

Okay, before all sales, coupons and rainchecks, the cost would be:

~ $53

We paid:


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