Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dan and Brittany in STL

Dan and Brittany in STL

Brittany: Well, here's our bloggy blog.

Dan: It's been a month since we got married, and almost two weeks since we moved to St. Louis. Today we got internet in our apartment and thought it an appropriate time to start our blog.

Brittany: Our blog, together. Both. We just doubled our readership by getting married and combining blog-forces.

Daniel: Now as we munch on popcorn from our new popcorn popper,

Brittany: (A wedding gift!)

Daniel: ... we're opening a little window so people can see our St Louis adventures.

Brittany: In blog form, of course. Cause we're so cool and tech-savvy.

Daniel: Is that how you spell savvy?

Brittany: I think so.

Daniel: I'll look it up on my computer. Hey! Why are you still writing that?

Brittany: Because I'm trying to be an accurate recordist.

Daniel: Yeah, that's how you spell it. Wait! Are you doing the whole... conversation. People will get bored at this.

Brittany: Okay we can end here.

Daniel: What about the title name. Why are we calling it Hot Like Tortillas? Or should that be another entry. Hey I thought we were ending it there. The transcription.

Brittany: We can save the title name for a future post. Maybe no one cares anyway.

*Right after this entry, Dan got his first drunk dial from a wrong number in St. Louis. Someone was looking for the shuttle to take them from the stadium downtown.

** Right after we wrote this I told Dan: "First blog posts are just like first dates. You just have to get it over with."


Moyni said...

I like pizza, steve

schupack said...

i'll be reading, smiths. so make it good.

Annie said...

did you bring me a monkey?

(moyni - love the multiplicity quote!)

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